Somebeachsomewhere: The Harness Racing Legend from a One-Horse Stable


A comprehensive fully illustrated biography of Nova Scotia's Somebeachsomewhere, the greatest Standardbred pacer of all time, from the award-winning author of Year of the Horse, Marjorie Simmins.

A work of narrative non-fiction that follows the life and career of the Ohio-born, Canadian-sired superstar pacer known as "Beach" who belonged to a syndicate of six owners from Canada's East Coast.  From a relatively humble lineage, Somebeachsomewhere turned out to be a horse of a lifetime; a world-champion Hall of Fame, smashing records and setting a single-season earning record as a three-year-old.  Many consider Beach, who died unexpectedly in 2018, the greatest pacer and Standardbred sire of all time.  Canadian and American racing fans loved the friendly stallion with "an extra gear" and threw "Beach Parties" whenever he raced. 

This is the first-ever complete, generously illustrated account of "the Beach," a horse who captivated the world with his speed, courage and near-flawless gait.  it is also a story of improbabilities and magic, featuring dozens of interviews with top American and Canadian horsemen and women, including Brent McGrath, and CHRHF Honoured Member Paul MacDonell.  Photos include images taken by award-winning harness racing industry photographers such as Clive Cohen and CHRHF Honoured Member Dave Landry. 

280 pages; paperback - 6.5" x 9"